RoboCop Slots Review: Cyberpunk Excellence from Playtech

RoboCop Slots is a brand new Playtech slot based on the 1987 cyberpunk classic - find the latest free spins and bonuses in our full review.
Evil villains beware - RoboCop slots is on the case

In 1987, one of the most badass futuristic crime fighters was introduced to the silver screens: RoboCop. The film was critically acclaimed for it’s dystopian outlook and ambitious portrayal of the future. 

Playtech rebooted the cybernetic police enforcer in RoboCop slots back in 2017. This 25 payline slot once again retells the tale of Detroit’s struggle with the malevolent OCP company. For more information and where to find free spins, keep on reading.

RoboCop Slots Game Information

Reels 5
FeaturesFree Spins, Random Features
Launch Date2017

Ease of Play

Playtech are by far one of the biggest slot developers in the world - and one of the main reasons for their dominance is how easy their games are to play. First of all, the user interface on RoboCop slot is outstanding; bets can be adjusted effortlessly and autoplay can be switched on in a click. 

Feel like the spinning is just a bit too slow for your liking? Speed it up with turbo mode, which will make the reels spin a whole lot quicker. Should you need any advice - you can launch a descriptive paytable by simply clicking the info option.

Visuals and Sounds

Playtech have an abundance of experience turning unique IPs into classic slot games. We only have to look as far as the recent DC games and the Batman slots just to see how talented they are in this respect.

RoboCop is no exception and it has been given an expert adaptation. When you spin this game, you will be once again immersed in the dystopian world of Detroit with the RoboCop gunning down the bad guys. Not only will you find assets and music taking direct from the film but you will also be treated to clips from the actual movie.


Unlike the ultra futuristic source material, Playtech hasn’t tried to innovate in terms of slot layout - which is absolutely fine with us. This is a 5 reel, 3 row slot with 25 paylines in total. Changing bets poses little problem with a simple plus or minus button to adjust the bet per line, however some players may lament the lack of an option to change the number of lines in play. Other notable controls are the auto play button and the turbo mode which is particularly handy for those who want rapid slot play.

Now the RoboCop free spins round is a very impressive thing indeed - to activate the bonus, you will need 3 of the golden police badge symbols. Getting the symbols will take you to a selection screen where you can choose a bonus feature. The fact you can choose a bonus feature is a plus point in our books and reminds us of a similar mechanic in slots like Thunderstruck 2. 

The first feature is the Robot Attack Free Games - remember that moment in the films when RoboCop storms the OCP building only to be greeted with the ED-209? Well you get to relive that scene with a mega ED-209 wild symbol filling a 3x3 area.

The next feature is the OCP Mega Bonus; you will be tasked to pick blank monitors which will reveal one of the board members. Pick 3 of the same OCP board member and you will win a mega cash prize. If you manage to pick a wild symbol, then you will add one point to each board member's score.

Next we have the shootout bonus - which focuses on another memorable scene from the films. RoboCop walks into a room fall of bad guys and effortlessly dispatches them thanks to his pinpoint accuracy. In this round, you will need to pick areas of the reels to shoot creating additional wilds for bigger wins. 

Finally, we have the line up free games, which will apply multipliers to all of your wins. A maximum x5 multiplier can be applied making this a valuable bonus round. Yep, the RoboCop slot free spins bonus rounds are just as epic as the man himself.

The action doesn’t just happen in the bonus rounds either - random features can occur on any base game spin. That means you can look forward to 3x3 mega wilds, random wilds, a pick a prize bonus and multiplied wins at virtually any point during the game. Once again, Playtech really have gone all out on the bonus features for this slot and the results are impressive indeed. We’re not really surprised about this however, judging how impressive their recent adaptations have been.

Big Win Potential

RoboCop doesn’t get any progressive jackpot action unlike other Playtech games, so if you’re looking for a life changing payout, you are going to have to look elsewhere. Having said that - this slot can be particularly rewarding, especially during the RoboCop free spins round. 

It’s also worth heading into the OCP bonus as often as you can for a fixed jackpot win; the highest symbol to be picked can result in instant wins as large as £4,000! That's not all: the slot is also commonly used in casino promotions, particularly in cash giveaways thanks to the exciting gameplay.

Our Verdict

As far as movie slot adaptations go, this is one of the very best we have ever seen. The features are perfectly themed after film events, the bonus rounds are satisfying and the winning potential looks huge thanks to all those random features.

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